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Well, just like you, we wanted more from our smart speaker. We really enjoyed the ease of use and realized we could do so much more. Any time we would talk about it or show someone how we expanded our smart home system, the more people showed interest and wanted the same. So if you find yourself unsure where to start with home automation, we are here to help!

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What we do

We offer starter kits for home automation. A typical package includes a smart switch, a smart plug, a few smart light bulbs, and a smart thermostat or even a smart door bell. The packages include installation and a one hour tutorial to make sure you know how to use your system. Our tutorial may even give you some ideas on where you may want to start expanding it even more.

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Who is she?
Aug 25, 2020

She is Alexa. Also known as the Amazon Echo. She has many forms and is not only limited to Amazon Echo Speakers any more. Some Sonos speakers also have Alexa built in, and other manufacturers have done the same. So what do you think about Her? Ready to get started? If you are in the Sugar Land or Houston and the surrounding areas, we can help with that. Call us at 832-855-7117.

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