Basic Starter Set
The Basic Starter Set gets you a smart speaker, smart lighting, a smart hub, a smart switch, and a smart receptacle.
Amazon Echo Dot
Sylvania Zigbee Full color LED Smart bulbs
GE Enlighten Smart Light Switch
GE Enlighten Smart Receptacle
Samsung Smartthings Hub
Installation and setup
1 hour training session
The Basic Starter Set gives you a system that allows you to control the following:
4 Smart Light bulbs independently or as a group
*A Smart Switch that you can use to replace any switch-controlled light(s) in your home
**A Smart Receptacle that you can replace any 15 Amp receptacle for control of a plug-in device.
A Smart Hub installed, where you can add even more!

* 3 Way switches require a Neutral at both switches, and an additional smart "dummy" switch at an additional cost.
** The Smart Receptacle can be part of a GFCI Circuit, but it can't be used to replace an actual GFCI receptacle that provides the GFCI functionality.

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